Our core purpose is to accelerate sales performance in B2B software organizations.

How we do it

We train sales pros in Science-Based Sales℠ through microlearning training sessions.

We provide qualified leads, appointments, and opportunities for sales teams.

Our Rally Cry - ASK

We are committed to the lifelong learning and development of our attitudes, skills, and knowledge.

We exist to help our partners and team members accelerate growth and achieve goals.

Core partners

How our minds work

How can we be better?

We improve what works and get rid of what doesn’t.

What does the data say?

It’s not possible to manage or celebrate what isn’t being measured!

Is it specific enough?

If we get the right message, to the right person, at the right time, at the right place - everyone wins!

Our story

Sales is hard. I’m a millennial and been doing it for over 12 years now. I remember when I started in the 2000s, we used pen, paper, and a phone. Dialing for dollars!

Things have changed so much, so fast - but it’s changed for the better. Our tools are no longer pens and paper, but data and software. Our communication medium is now not limited to in-person visits & phone calls, but emails, texts, and social media connections. We have more ways to connect with our target buyers than ever!

But sales is still hard. It seems as soon as you crack the code and find success, the market has already changed and you’re now stuck figuring out how to get results yet again!

And that’s why we started fourLetter. When talking with sales leaders of B2B SaaS organizations, we found the biggest challenges are getting more quantity and quality of leads through the pipeline, and equipping sales team members to convert more of those leads into closed, won deals.

If you’d like talk about your sales goals and see if it’s something we can help with, just use the chat box below or email us at “talktoahuman@fourletter.io. I recommend the chat box — we’re pretty fast on that thing :D

May the sales be with you,

Joshua K Jordan Founder & CEO

Meet our rockstar team

Andrew Block

Science-Based Sales℠ Analyst

Charleston, SC (North America)

A native of New Jersey, years of experience working in sales and the local Harbor Accelerator – and that's even before Andrew graduated university in entrepreneurship. Young innovative, and eager to learn. Part-time ping pong aficionado, full-time Jets fan.

Aron Skelton

Science-Based Sales℠ Analyst

Atlanta, GA

Aron is a tech-savvy entrepreneur who has worked with several successful startups over the past several years. A Georgia Tech graduate and self-proclaimed party animal, he now considers a crazy night out to include ordering pizza and hanging out with his pug.

Caleb Jordan

Science-Based Sales℠ Analyst

Charleston, SC (North America)

Some people say that Crossfit is a cult. But Caleb simply says, "I don't like labels." Does that make him crazy? Yeah, crazy dedicated! He's disciplined in following the sales process as he is with his workouts. When he's not closing sales & doing burpees, he's on Netflix watching Gordon Ramsay yell at all those talented home cooks.

Edward Smith

Science-Based Sales℠ Analyst

Charleston, SC (North America)

Ed has spent his whole life living within miles of an ocean but never really learned to swim. Avid sports fan and Game of Thrones junkie. Also voted in high school “most likely to be a stay at home dad”, but that dream has yet to happen. Six years hitting sales quota and creating opportunities.

Gabe Duran

Science-Based Sales℠ Analyst

Seattle, WA

Gabe is trained on 20+ tools and apps designed to generate high quantity and quality leads. He also enjoys rock climbing and practicing martial arts. That’s right. When Gabe isn’t taking sales meetings, he’s taking names of the opponents he’s defeated in his dojo.

Giovanni Piazza


Florianópolis, Brazil

Gio is an entrepreneur with design in his soul. He is constantly researching user's pain points and crafting design solutions to help them achieve their goals. In love with Illustration since his childhood, he can't afford not to draw anything for too long.

Jesse McClain

Sr Partnerships Manager

Charleston, SC (North America)

Jesse has something interesting to say. For real. He's about to say it. Here it comes. Get ready. Any minute now. Any second now. Ahh, there it is. Ten seconds you'll never get back.

John Cunningham

VP of Sales Development


John loves sales. Almost as much as he loves to travel -- and that is saying something, because he’s visited all 50 US States. Experience crushing sales at leading tech companies like HubSpot, SurveyMonkey, Readz, and Process.st.

Joshua K Jordan

Founder & CEO

Charleston, SC (North America)

Joshua has been hired, certified, or trained by the most effective and well-known sales training organizations in the world. He builds sales teams and wears fitted v-neck t-shirts... not necessarily in that order.

Lael Cook

Growth partner

Atlanta, GA (North America)

Fascinated with words that influence buyer behavior. Handwrites emails/sales letters of marketing legends like Gary Halbert (almost) daily. Pro drummer you can find on stage or the studio - when he's not helping businesses boost their sales with marketing campaigns.

Nozomu Sasaoka

Sr Growth Partner


Working in Twitter's first International HQ for over 7 years has provided Nozomu with keen understanding on how sales messaging works in different markets and mediums. When he's not tweeting, he is lead vocalist and guitarist in a Japanese rock band.

Philip Pinckney

Co-founder & CRO

Charleston, SC (North America)

Philip has been selling and developing sales teams for over 15 years. When he’s not crushing sales goals, he’s crushing Andrew Block’s dreams of holding the title of “fourLetter Ping Pong Champion”.

Raghav Haran

Growth Partner

Ann Arbor, Michigan (North America)

Raghav works on crafting quality sales blogs, high converting sales sequences, and other written content. His heart still has a place for his alma mater at University of Michigan, loves traveling, and could eat breakfast food at all hours of the day.


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